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A TACOM LCMC vehicle


August 14 Feature 1 LIST

RIA-JMTC trains and supports warfighters on fuel testers around the globe

From the factory lines to the front lines, the Petroleum Quality Analysis System-Enhanced (PQAS-E) is a self-contained fuel laboratory designed for Soldiers. Developed in 2008 by the Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing Technology Center (RIA-JMTC), PQAS-E has proven to be a valuable asset to the United States Military.  

August 14 Feature Story 2 LIST

Cyber Security: Complicated hacking tricks explained using non-technical examples

There are only two ways to enter a system: Method 1: Use a program that "finds an open window" or "picks a lock" to gain entry. Method 2: Induce or trick the user into opening a "door", or leaving you a "key" under the mat.Every system has vulnerabilities. Hackers find and exploit those vulnerabilities to enter systems and perform the desired actions.  
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