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TACOM LCMC headquarters in the snow


December 14 Feature 1 LIST

Army Donations Program helps M42 Duster find its way back

We've all seen them – the retired military tanks that stand outside city halls and the Army helicopters that now sit in front of local American Legion chapters. But how do these incredible pieces of machinery find their way to our communities? What happens when these physical pieces of patriotism are mishandled?

December 14 Feature 2 LIST

Total Army effort at Rock Island supports new ambulance production for National Guard

Last January, the Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center (RIA-JMTC) unveiled the newest tactical HMMWV ambulance in the Army. The M997A3, the most modern ambulance in the fleet, is fitted on a HMMWV chassis with a modified body and now is headed to Army National Guard (ARNG) units around the country.
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