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Vehicles rolling through dust.


September Feature 1 LIST

Major production change at Watervliet Arsenal due to a Canadian company

During the arsenal's more than 200-year history, it has adapted to countless changes to its production lines, having gone from packing flannel ammunition cartridges during the War of 1812 to manufacturing mortar systems for today's troops who serve in Afghanistan. But the production change at Watervliet last month was unlike anything the arsenal had experienced before, and it has a Canadian company to thank for it.  

September Feature 2 LIST

Better safe (when posting) than sorry: Appropriate social media use

Type. Click. Post. It's as simple as that. From Facebook to Twitter, it’s obvious online communication has become instantaneous and incredibly easy for many people, including TACOM LCMC team members. These simple tools now allow people to stay connected with everyone from their distant relatives, to their college roommate's brother they met once, 10 years ago. But what happens when these easy, and sometimes addictive, social tools enter the workplace? 
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